Sunday, December 2, 2007

Prayers needed.

It's not often that I ask for prayers, but tonight I'm really needing them! I write this post from my warm and cozy bed, after sleeping much of the day. This weekend has been busy and full of activity - much like every other weekend. Anyways, I haven't been feeling well, and last night, as my mom helped us decorate a garland outside, I began to feel really bad. I woke up yesterday morning to not one, but TWO pink eyes, and I have had a horrible dry cough. My body was about to let out. My mother was very worried about me, so she decided that she was going to take my to a walk-in clinic this morning. And boy am I glad. A quick check-up and a chest X-ray later, it was determined that I have walking pneumonia. I can't believe that I have let myself get so bad - this has been a lesson - I need to take better care of myself! I will need several days of rest to even begin to feel better. Please pray for a quick and thorough recovery - I do not want to spend my holiday sick, or even worse, in the hospital!

I have lots more to post about, but my medicine is beginning to kick in!



  1. Dear Lena! I got walking pneumonia fall semester of my senior year of high school, and my doctor told me I needed to take 2 weeks off of school. I just looked at him like he was crazy!! Unfortunately, I didn't take any days off of school, but my immune system was shot for about 2 years after that. So I have felt your pain... but it gets better! :) I'll be thinking of and praying for a speedy recovery!

  2. Oh dear... you're definitely in my prayers. I hope things clear up soon so that you'll be able to enjoy your party and the rest of the holiday season!