Sunday, March 4, 2012


On Friday, we had a bunch of storms come rolling into Tennessee.  We had been warned about the threat of these storms all week long.  Meteorologists from The Weather Channel came into Nashville on Friday to broadcast from "storm central."  From a scale of 1 to 10, middle Tennessee was at a 9 for the possibility that a tornado would develop.  

I was fine when I went in to work - AL stays at my mom's all day on Fridays, so I knew she would be safe with her.  But the more that people at work began to talk about the storms, the more I started to freak out.  My boss was out of there by lunchtime.  Everyone else was dropping like flies.  

Then, sheer panic began to set in.  And I lost it.  I went to the head administrative assistants on my floor, and just started sobbing.  I was literally scared to death.  

My sister also works in the same building I do, and she was supposed to ride home with me after work.  I wanted to leave, but I knew she had lots of things left to complete.  But I could NOT leave my sister there while I drove home.

Eventually, I think she saw that I was in "full on breakdown mode" and we left work an hour early, just before a bad storm rolled in.

The whole point of this is that before I became a mother, I was fine in the middle of storms.  I knew, for the most part, that I was going to be okay.  I never freaked out, and I never had a break down.

All I could think of on Friday was my precious baby girl.  I wanted to be right beside her.  I wanted to hold her and kiss her and love on her.  It literally scared me to death that I was so far from her.  

I realized how truly blessed I am that AL gets to spend the majority of her week with my mom while I'm at work.  During bad storms or scary weather, she will be with a familiar face, a person she loves dearly.  

The good part of this story is that a lot of us were praying all day long that these storms would not be as bad as they predicted.  And a lot of them weren't.  We saw some heavy rain, lots of wind and some hail, but thank the Lord, no tornadoes were close. 

I know a lot of other towns weren't as fortunate.  

To my twitter and blog friends that specifically prayed for us, THANK YOU.  Your prayers were heard and were much appreciated.  

I took this after I got to my mom's house to show all my twitter gals that I made it home safely to AL!
SO blessed! 
We're barely into March and tornado season is upon us.  Lord help us during the rest of the spring months...


  1. I hear ya! I feel the same way! I don't care where the storm hits as long as I"m with Easton! Together is the best place to be!

  2. I can totally relate!!!!! glad you made it to AL safe n sound! Great pic!