Wednesday, February 20, 2008

I love monograms!

Thank you all so much for the precious words and prayers about my great-grandmother - you have no idea how much that means to me! Even though my heart is a little heavy with her loss, I have faith in my Father that she is in a better place! Please say a little prayer for my family as we come together today to celebrate her beautiful life!
On a different note, I just want to tell y'all how much I L-O-V-E monograms!
When I got married, I could not wait to have everything monogrammed with my new "W"!!! I was so happy to marry with a W-last name, because I think a W makes the prettiest script letter! Don't tell my husband the only reason I married him is for his W!!!! Just kidding!
Anyways, here are a couple of my newest monogrammed items...
This is my new Milano laptop/tote bag. I got this before I went to Jacksonville since I needed to carry my laptop, plus I had a couple of notebooks I need to carry as well. I love the cute lowercase monogram! Green and pink are two of my favorite colors, so I love the pink letters with the navy dots in between! I get a lot of compliments when I carry this bag to meetings! I told my mom that just because I'm a boring old marketing gal doesn't mean I can't carry cute bags! Ha!
Now, some of you may know what this is, others of you may be a little confused...any guesses as to what this is????
It's a MONOGRAM ON MY CAR!!!! This is one of the newest items we carry at The Write Impression, and I am in love with it! Thank you Brad for washing my car and putting this adorable sticker on! Anyways, when I was in South Carolina, I saw so many cars with a monogrammed sticker on them, and I HAD to have one! I convinced Susan (the owner of The Write Impression) to order them so I could get one of my own! Of course, I debated as to whether I wanted it in green or pink - Brad suggested I get green since he drives my car sometimes, and he didn't want to drive around with a pink sticker - HA! What do you think???

So, those are a few of my newest purchases! Are y'all in love with monograms as much as I am? I think it is definitely a southern thing, but I love 'em!

Oh, I have another prayer request - could y'all please say a prayer for my sweet husband? He is interviewing for a new position at the bank today, and if he got this job, it would be his "in" to loan operations - which is what he wants to do! So, if you could, say a prayer for Brad (his interview is at 10:30 this morning)! Thanks, y'all!



  1. Any news from your husband????

    I love monogramming too!!!! I really want to own my own machine so that I can do it whenever I want. I love the car sticker. I have never seen that before!!!!

  2. Good luck Brad! I love your monograms sweetness!

  3. I am so excited for your husband's opportunity! Let us know how it goes.

    Monograms...LOVE them, too!

  4. I think monograms are neat, but I have the hardest time finding them sometimes. I'd love to have a bag with an "H". Yours looks great!

    May God's perfect plan be done in your husband's job!

  5. I LOVE monogramming!!! The car sticker is super cute - I have a company car or I would totally want that (but I don't think my husband would go for it). :-)
    Love the tote bag- I love pink and green too!!!!
    Good luck to your husband - let us know!

  6. I love monograms is a bit of an obsession and green so I am lovin' your car monogram and the laptop tote (I will have to show this to the hubs for brithdays).

    I got a W monogram from my marriage too...and it is the best much better than my old E.

    good luck to your husband!

  7. Lena, I was looking at your older posts and I saw the cute pictures of your shop at christmas!!!!!! I love your decorations!!!!! What a great place to work.