Monday, February 11, 2008

Recap since I last posted...

So I have been neglecting my baby blog for a while now, and I am starting to feel the pressure to post! I have sat down to write several different posts, but I'm suffering from a serious case of writer's block and couldn't get anything down! So, I'll be posting some semi-deep (you like that word?) posts in the next few days - there a just some questions/themes that have been bugging me day and night, and I want to get them out of my head! Ha!

Anyways, here is a recap since I last posted:
Thursday and Friday were extremely busy days for me at United Way. I know everyone has busy days, but sometimes my days are so busy that if I do not write something down at the second it happens (or I remember I need to do something), I will forget it in an instant! Crazy! I always told myself I would never be a list person, but I seriously have to make a list every single morning when I get to work, or I'll fall apart! Friday I did get to eat lunch with my favorite girls, Abigail and Diane. And being the bad blogger I am, I forgot my camera and did not take a single picture. We were seriously cracking up the whole time, and I know I would have gotten some hilarious pictures! On Friday night, I ate with my grandparents and parents at our favorite family restaurant - TOOT's!!! I seriously ate an entire basket of fried pickles and did not feel so hot afterwards! Then, my sister and I ventured to Hastings bookstore and read some hilarious coffee table books - I love spending quality time with my sister!

On Saturday, I worked on a few things around the house, then we went to the birthday party we had planned for my mother, grandfather and uncle. Here are a few pictures from the night - I was so worn out afterwards! Entertaining a 5-year old and a 3-year old can really wear you out!

Brad and Tye - someone was getting tickled!

Tessa and I - please excuse my curly fro - I didn't feel like taming the mane! Ha!

On Sunday, Brad and I went to church where we started our second 3-week series for the New Year. I'm going to have to post about the sermon because I think everyone that reads will benefit somehow - the title of the series is WHAT ARE YOU AFRAID OF??? After church, I made chicken fajitas for lunch - and we even ate off our FIESTA dishes! You would have thought we died and went to Mexican heaven! Ha!

After lunch, we went to The Avenue, an outdoor mall in Murfreesboro - got Turner a toy @ Petco, visited with my parents, and went home to CLEAN! Sundays are always our day to clean the house, and yesterday was not any different - except I had my mom's vacuum. And boy, what a treat that was! I know y'all are probably thinking I'm crazy, but I'm a clean freak - I LOVE TO CLEAN!!! Yes, I just admitted it. And my mom's vacuum is fabulous - lots of attachments, which makes cleaning even more fun! Ha!

Turner and his new chew-toy.
So I woke up this morning to an extra spiffy house - which makes my Monday wonderful! Today has been busy around the office, but I'm glad I got a few minutes to update y'all on life at the Warnocks!

Oh, FYI, my birthday is in 39 days!!!! Whoo hoo! (I will be posting a birthday want list for all friends and family - so watch out!)


  1. So glad you ate a ton of fried pickles! :-) Sounds like you had a great weekend!!!

  2. I love Fiesta dishes! What color do you have??